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Reader Jim T. mentioned that there is a very lively discussion going on over at Surivivalistboards about how to make friends or enemies with your neighbors at your newly-acquired retreat.  Is is very easy to tell who is from the city and who is from the country, from the responses. I think some city folks need to be educated on how things work in the country.

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Readers H.L. and B.B. both sent: Illinois State Police Begin Registering Concealed Carry Instructors. [JWR’s Comment: “I hate Illinois Nazis.”]

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As I mentioned before, for National Preparedness Month, Mountain House has removed their Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) restrictions on their authorized dealers for long term storage foods packed in #10 cans. This is the first time the company has ever done so, and it has created the opportunity for low prices that haven’t been seen in decades. There are now four SurvivalBlog advertisers are Mountain House dealers, and I strongly recommend that you stock up to take advantage of these sales prices in September.

Here is a summary of the four September sales on Mountain House foods in #10 cans. They are all offering deep discounts and most of them are offering free shipping:

  • Camping Survival – Up to 54% off.
  • Freeze Dry Guy – Meats are 40% off. Everything else (entrees, fruits, vegetables) is 25% off.
  • Ready Made Resources – 45% to 70% off.
  • Safecastle – An average of 49% off, in a range from 45% to 65%. (With further rebates and incentives for Royal club members.) 

Because of the huge volume of orders expected, you can expect up to a 15-day delay before your order ships, with all four of these Mountain House dealers. Note that the deepest discounts are limited to selected varieties and to stock on hand, so place your order soon. Check with the vendors’ web sites often, as they will be adjusting some pricing during the month, and listing the food varieties that have run out.

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More Global Warming Climate Change news from this alleged “Summer” in Alaska: Deep Cold: Interior and Northern Alaska Weather & Climate

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Adam sent a link to a news story about a wolf attack. (As the Canadian timber wolf packs proliferate and spread out, attacks on livestock, pets, and humans are certain to get more commonplace.)

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