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Reader Chris M. recommended this fascinating essay by Victor Davis Hanson: Same old warfare?

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“If in doubt, throw it out!” Home Canning Hobby Leads to Near-Fatal Medical Emergency. (Thanks to B.L.W. for the link.)

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Decisions, decisions for New York City Democrats. Gosh, who do you vote for in the upcoming primary election? The “Serial Texter” Pervert for Mayor? Or the “formerly” radical Lesbian? (In 1990, in what is now dubbed “youthful exuberance”, Quinn represented the Housing Justice Campaign at one of the annual Socialist Scholars conferences hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America.) Or the Comedian who was endorsed by foul-mouthed Roseanne Barr and also by a former prostitute? Or that Taiwanese guy with the history of campaign finance irregularities? Or the guy who disowned his family name? Or the nice guy from Italy with apparently no skeletons in his closet but also with probably no chance of winning? Meanwhile, should they vote for the “former” prostitution customer for the office of Comptroller? Or that guy with the Corrupt Mommy Problems?

This is all enough to make you want to change parties. But, too bad, too late, since: “New York is one of only nine states in the country… …that has a party affiliation deadline that is earlier than the voter registration deadline, requiring voters who are already registered who want to switch their party enrollment to do so well before most people are thinking of the primary election or the media is covering it. Moreover, New York is one of only five states that require even those voters who are not currently affiliated with a party to meet these early deadlines. Of these five states, New York has the longest advance deadline, which is twenty-five days before the prior general election, in early October, for both the February presidential primary in presidential election years and the regular September primary in other years.”[Emphasis added.] In Wyoming and many other western states, you can change party affiliations right at the polls on election day. In Idaho, it took a recent court order to force people to even declare a party affiliation. But in New York, you are expected to be a psychic and predict all of the future scandals, before the campaigns even begin.)

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Reader F.J. sent: Charge Your Phone While Riding Your Bike

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AlpineAire (recently bought out by Katadyn) has their no-MSG, no-GMO foods currently on sale. Their one year supply of all no-cooking required, freeze dried foods are on sale at Ready Made Resources with free shipping for $4,200. That is a $800 discount.

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