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Driving somewhere? There’s a government record of that

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Attention Handloaders: Tom in Pennsylvania recently posted this handy weight data for brass, over at Buddy’s Boards. (An amazing free site that I visit almost daily.) This would be good data to print out for your reference binder:

9mm, 59.46 grains each, 117.7 cases per lb., 8.5 lb. per 1,000
.38 Special, 68.06 grains each, 102.8 cases per lb., 9.7 lb. per 1,000
.40, 70.1 grains each, 99.9 cases per lb., 10 lb. per 1,000
.357 Magnum, 78.3 grains each, 89.4 cases per lb., 11.2 lb. per 1,000
.45 ACP, 89.58 grains each, 78.1 cases per lb., 12.8 lb per 1,000
.223 Rem., 95.28 grains each, 73.5 cases per lb., 13.6 lb. per 1,000
.44 Magnum, 114.38 grains each, 61.2 cases per lb. 16.3 lb. per 1,000
.50 BMG, 865.26 grains each, 8.1 cases per lb., 123.5 lb. per 1,000

If nothing else, this is a good way to know that you haven’t been shorted, if you buy brass in bulk.

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Wranglerstar’s dogs recently had a run-in with a big coyote. This underscores the need to be armed at all times. Methinks he should be watching for circling vultures across the road, tomorrow.

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New Safety Regulations Clear Way to Restart Japan’s Nuclear Power Plants

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Pierre M. sent: The NSA, This New American Digital Life, and Your Privacy: A Handy Guide

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