Odds ‘n Sods:

The Cato Institute investigates: Where Are The Libertarians? Predictably, the American Redoubt States ranked well. (Thanks to Joe W. for the link.)

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Cougars Are Making a Comeback in America

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We recently got our first set of Jarbox Totes from Pantry Parutus. What a clever invention! These are sturdy and stackable, and even American-made. I’m sure that we’ll be getting a lot of use out them. The only problem is that now I can see that I need to order three or four more sets…

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I hope that you get your storage corn meal squared away, before prices skyrocket: Disaster Declared in 26 U.S. States as Drought Sears Midwest. (Thanks to K.A.F. for the link.)

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A snippet of conversation from the Rawles Ranch dinner table:

Avalanche Lily: “Our new batch of hens is starting to lay.”

#3 Son: “How can you be sure?”

Avalanche Lily: “The eggs are smaller, and they are greenish.”

#3 Son: “Oh so, those must be from Araucanas or Americanas, right?”

Avalanche Lily: “They’re Araucanas.”

Jim: “If we were real survivalists, then we’d be raising Sarah Conners.”