Notes from JWR:

Ready Made Resources just started a 25% off sale on Mountain House canned long term storage foods. Check it out!

The volatility in the precious metals markets is continuing, with some dramatic intra-day swings in spot prices. My long-standing advice has been “buy on a dip day”, but perhaps presently it should be: buy on a dip hour. Once silver resumes its bull charge–past $30 and then the $40 per troy ounce, you will be glad that you “bought low.” OBTW, sales have been very strong for the new American Redoubt .999 fine silver coin. These very attractive 1-ounce coins are produced by Mulligan Mint and and are being sold at a very competitive market price. Because of the huge rush of orders created by the big market dip (down 20% in recent weeks), all of the mints are getting slammed with orders. (Even the U.S. Mint had to suspend some sales.) You can expect at least a five week delay from most mints, at present. Be patient, and keep stacking silver.

A reminder: There is a May 1st strike on the banks planned. If you want to participate, I recommend that you withdraw your extra cash and buy tangibles!