Notes from JWR:

A few months ago, we transitioned to housing SurvivalBlog on a dedicated server in Sweden and as a precuation asked everyone to write down the IP address: In addition to, we’d also like to establish a couple of other low-bandwidth offshore mirror web sites for SurvivalBlog. This is one of our independent Continuity of Web Service (COWS) insurance measures.

Does anyone outside of the U.S. have any inexpensive server space available? Preferably this would be in a country without close ties to the United States, like Finland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Thailand, an independent island nation in the Pacific, or a nation in the southern tier of South American countries. Please e-mail me if you own a server with space available at an affordable price. Thanks!

Today we present a product review from our volunteer Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.