Notes from JWR:

This article about my book is causing a bit of a stir: “The Most Dangerous Novel In America”. Dangerous? Obviously, my politics and religious background didn’t match those of the journalist. OBTW, some of the follow-up comments at Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air blog were quite entertaining. I loved the one about casting gold bullets.

My #1 Son (Jonathan) was quoted briefly in a recent USAToday newspaper article on the growth of mainstream survivalism: Economic survivalists take root. Speaking of #1 Son, the SurvivalRealty spin-off site is growing rapidly, and becoming known as the best place to buy and sell specialized retreat properties. The site now has listings from as far afield as Mexico, Panama, New Zealand and India.

Congrats to C.E., the high bidder in our most recent SurvivalBlog Benefit Auction. Today we are starting a new auction. It is for a large mixed lot, which includes:

1.) A Three-Color Desert Camo Interceptor OTV (Outer Tactical Vest) size XL only, and a spare Woodland camouflage outer shell, kindly donated by These items have a combined retail value of $960!

2.) A vehicle detection system, which includes: one MURS Alert Probe Sensor (MAPS) with 50 foot probe cable and one MURS Alert Hand Held (M538-HT) transceiver. The MAPS unit’s probe can be covertly installed under the surface of a driveway or road to detect vehicular traffic and a voice alert is sent to the hand held transceiver when a detection occurs. Donated by MURS Radio. Retails for $303

3.) Two cases of Yoder’s Canned Bacon, courtesy of (12 cans per case.) A $276 retail value.

4.) A NukAlert compact radiation detector donated by at (a $160 retail value). 

5.) Three Garden Security Collections, and two Garden Bean Collections, donated by With included free shipping to any US postal address, this is a $100+ retail value.

6.) Two America Stone knife sharpeners (with belt pouches), donated by the manufacturer. (A $60 retail value.)

Thus, this auction has a combined value in excess of $1,800. This auction ends on May15th. Please e-mail us your bid. Your bid will be for the entire mixed lot.