Economics and Investing:

Sue C. sent this: V-Shaped Recovery Dreams Evaporate

The U.S. housing market is still nowhere near the bottom: Record Number of Bank Seizures of U.S. Homes. (Thanks to Steve C. for the link.)

E.M.B. sent us this evidence that the banksters are in Desperation Mode: Fannie Mae Began Buying $1,000-Down Mortgages Without Approval

From Toby Connor of Gold Scents: Why Can’t Politicians Understand What is Really Happening?

Items from The Economatrix:

Swiss Institutions Ask: Where’s The Gold?

Real World Solutions to Economic Tyranny

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Americans Struggle to Regain their Shrunken Wealth

CitiGroup Shedding Student Loan Business

Good news, Peoria: Caterpillar Sales Accelerate Across the Globe.