Economics and Investing:

From perennial content contributor GG: Germany braces for second wave of credit crunch

Neal flagged this: The Week in Charts, Buckle the Heck Up!

Greg C. sent us this: Woman’s House Mistakenly Auctioned by Bank

Karen H. kindly sent several items:

U.K. Has Record July Deficit as Recession Curbs Taxes

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose by 15,000 to 576,000

FDIC May Add to Special Fees as Mounting Failures Drain Reserves

Swiss to reveal UBS accounts to settle U.S. tax battle “Switzerland has agreed to reveal the names of about 4,450 wealthy American clients of UBS AG to U.S. authorities in a tax dispute settlement that pierces Swiss banking secrecy and now threatens to spill over to other banks.”

Citigroup To Initiate Fees on Some Cards To Reduce The Dent To Their Income

Items from The Economatrix:

Buffett: We’ll Be Crushed Under a Mountain of Debt

Debt Revolt Haunting Europe

NY Car Dealers Pulling Out of Clunkers Program

Stocks Creep Higher Amid Economic Worries

Sears Shares Drop as Recession Drags Down Sales

Pension Plans’ Private-Equity Cash Depleted as Profits Shrink

Insurers’ Biggest Write-Downs May Be Yet to Come