Economics and Investing:

Sherry K. suggested: Farmland holding value in tanked market

Frequent content contributor H.L. sent this: Gold Smuggling Increases 7x In India And Surpasses Illegal Drug Trade

J. McC. mentioned another peril of using social media: Two million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack. [JWR’s Comment: In today’s world, your digital persona can be submitted as evidence in both civil and criminal trials. All that it would take is a malicious hacker gaining control of a moribund Facebook or Twitter account to commit wholesale character assassination that might not be detected for months or even years. You could lead a quiet, moral and peaceable life and yet be greeted some morning by a SWAT team with a no-knock warrant–later learning that they came calling because in the fictitious cyber world you have been branded as a racist-bomb-building-dope-smuggling-pedophile-hater. I say again: Avoid enrolling in social media!]

Items from The Economatrix:

Horrific Consequences: “People Don’t Understand the Scale of the Emergency That’s Going On Right Now”

White House: Extend Jobless Benefits

GDP Figures Revised Much Higher, But The Numbers Aren’t As Strong As They Appear 

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