Economics and Investing:

From G.G.: Family goes bankrupt after blowing their $100,000 savings on Beanie Babies they thought would become valuable. JWR Adds: I recommend investing in tangibles, but not those sorts of tangibles!

Also from G.G.: Government Wastes More Money than You Think

Items from The Economatrix:

The Uneasiness Of Quantitative Easing: How QE Is Ineffective With Helping The Broader Economy In Favor Of Boosting Support For The Too-Big-To-Fail Banks

Borrowers Redefaulting In Obama’s Housing Program

Part-Time Nation: What Does It Say When A Vast Portion Of Our Society Is Now Working At Part-Time Jobs? 2013 scorecard: Minimum wage restaurant jobs added: 239,000. Manufacturing jobs added: 13,000

The Most Delinquent Loan Of Them All: Student Debt Delinquencies At Record Levels On The Eve Of Rates Doubling. Half Of College Graduates Working In Jobs Where Their Degree Is Not Required

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