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I heard that some precious metals investors have felt panicky, in the recent sell-off. Don’t panic. The current sell-off was manipulated. The thing to keep in mind is that the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve have nearly tripled the money supply in the past four years. So the long term prospects for the metals remain strong. Look at big dips such as these at buying opportunities. The bull will resume his charge. DO NOT sell into the falling market. I recommend buying physical silver right now.

Remington Sells Out To NY For $80 Million “Sniper” Rifles Government Contract. Granted, they probably bid on that contract more than a year ago. But if they had real backbone, they would have already announced a move out of the People’s Republic of New York.

H.L. sent this from Zero Hedge: Germany’s ‘Five-Wise-Men’ Confirm Wealth Tax Is Coming

Peak Prosperity: What Smarter Minds Than Mine Think About Gold

Items from The Economatrix:

El-Erian:  Cyprus Rescue Goes From Bad To Worse

Retail Sales Point To Flagging Economic Momentum

Don’t Depend On Bank Deposit Insurance

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