Economics and Investing:

Reader Andre D. sent us this: Rehn: big bank depositors could bear cost of bank failure: People with big deposits could suffer a ‘haircut’ under planned European Union law if a bank fails, the EU’s economic affairs chief Olli Rehn said.

Reader H.L. sent this: Obama Proposes Retirement Account Limit In First “Wealth Tax” Salvo

Rhode Island’s tallest building will soon go dark.

Dirty Harry to World Savers “You’ve Got To Ask Yourself… – Do You Feel Lucky?

Items from The Economatrix:

Sinclair:  This Will Create The Mother Of All Financial Crises

Economic Apocalypse Is Here! Gigantic Miss: Just 88,000 New Jobs, Dow Off Sharply, 90 Million Americans Exit Labor Force

Global Deposit Confiscation Called For By Influential CEO Of Italy’s Largest Bank

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