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Several readers sent this, and I also saw it linked at The Drudge Report: Stockton bankruptcy can move forward, judge rules. This sets a precedent,so other large cities may follow suit. How are those muni bonds doing for your?

Storing Silver for the Next Generation

US Household income continues to fall in midst of recovery: Since the recession started median household income is down 7.3 percent.

File Under “No Great Surprise Dept.”: New Yorkers Enjoy Less Freedom Than Residents In Any Other State In U.S.

Cyberattacks Seem Meant to Destroy, Not Just Disrupt

Items from The Economatrix:

Top Banks Investigated On Collusion In Derivatives

Cyprus Controls Expected To Hit Foreign Markets

Marc Faber Fears Systemic Crisis, Stock Collapse

Five Signs Stocks Will Collapse In 2013

Economy Posts Sluggish Growth In 4Q

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