Economics and Investing:

Marc Faber: Market To Drop 20% Now, 50% Later, Complete Global Societal Collapse In Five Years

“NO BID” Threat Looming: When The Computers Stop Trading…Any Tradable Funds May Drop To Zero! [JWR Adds: An old Austrian School of Economics saying is: “There are buyers and sellers in every market”–but in a market where nearly all the trading is program trading, this may no longer hold true.]

Moody’s says would maintain US rating, outlook in event of fiscal cliff, await further cues

Items from The Economatrix:

What Is The Fiscal Cliff?

CBO:  “Fiscal Cliff” Could Trigger Recession

Ron Paul:  “We’re So Far Gone.  We’re Over The Cliff.”

The List Has Grown:  Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Ecuador Join Germany In Calls For Audits Of Their Gold