Notes from JWR:

Badger Peak has announced multiple Buy One, Give One (BOGO) product offerings to benefit Christian Reformed Outreach, South Sudan (C.R.O.S.S.). The BOGO product offerings are all of their Otis brand gun cleaning kits and all sizes of Gun Butter firearms lubricants. For each one that you buy, an identical one will be sent to distribute free of charge to villagers in South Sudan. I encourage other gear vendors to make similar BOGO matching offers. Particularly needed are earth tone or Multicam magazine pouches (AK and HK-G3), canteens with covers, hydration packs, first aid kits, wound dressings, tourniquets, rifle slings, and …

Christmas Gifts for the Young Prepper, by Karyn S.

Is everyone geared up for Christmas shopping? On the first day of Christmas my five children receive presents from their parents, grandparents, and friends and by the twelfth day of Christmas….well, the presents begin earning the label of junk, lying in the basement or being “played with” by the dog and chickens in the backyard. Every year I declare I will not buy anymore useless, plastic toys – and this year I mean it! Lest I sound too much like the Grinch, rest assured that I love giving the kids presents. I love thinking about just the right gift for …

Letter Re: Advice on Disaster Pet Euthanasia

Mr. Rawles, I am constantly impressed by the wealth of information that I am able to find on your web site and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all involved for the work you do on this.  I was also wondering if you, or your readers, might be able to help me out with a certain, unsavory aspect of my preps.   Currently, our family is overseas in a country where we are required to maintain an evacuation plan and needed supplies at all time.  I am wholly on-board with this and have done this, …

Odds ‘n Sods:

SGT just posted this video: The Madness of a Lost Society 3. (It includes a few sound bites from JWR.) F.G. sent this by William Baldwin of Forbes: Do You Live In A “Death Spiral” State? Items from The Economatrix: Good-bye Petrodollar, Hello Agri-Dollar? Outline On Collapse End Game China Launching Gold-Backed Global Currency

Odds ‘n Sods:

“Sell your garment, and buy one”: Churches offer concealed weapons training. (Thanks to Stephen M. for the link.)    o o o Steve H. mentioned a portable high volume water filter, using a 12 VDC pump.    o o o Five Different Shelf Life Studies: Two on Canned Food and Three on Dry Food    o o o From loyal contributor R.B.S.: U.S. food banks raise alarm as drought dents government supplies    o o o R.B.S. also spotted this tutorial: Waxing Cheese for Storage