Mike Williamson’s Review: Benjamin Blatt, Firearm Attorney in Indiana

Benjamin Blatt is licensed in Indiana only at this point, so this review will unfortunately have a limited market. https://www.facebook.com/hoosierattorney

My own knowledge of firearms law is extensive, for a layman and activist who has been at this since 1986. So, coming across a professional with detailed knowledge of the fine points is a great find. Ben recently set me up with two firearms trusts– one trust for NFA items specifically and one for my valuable antiques and collectibles. The price for each was exceptionally reasonable.

The process for both was simple and straightforward. I provided him with information on a questionnaire, and then he provided the trust document, instructions on how to initiate and use it (which is free for any interested parties by email to bblatt11@aol.com), and a cover sheet with the Certification of Trust for setting up a bank account.

In addition, he has set the language and trust so that the itemized list of property (including weapons) is an attachment to the document that neither he nor any examiner needs to see, except with cause and warrant. The privacy of your collection is thereby protected.

He noted to me that quite a few, if not most, online samples are generic and not applicable to the fine points of firearm law. I highly recommend the use of an expert in firearms law specifically in such matters, and if you are in Indiana, Ben has my endorsement.

DISCLAIMER: I have paid Ben for his professional services. I have no financial or other interest.