Letter: Some Wuhan Coronavirus Observations

Everyone will have a different perspective on this.  Here are some ramblings:
Things are rapidly downshifting in greater Seattle.  In less than seven days.  There are strong parallels with the 2011 B-movie Contagion.
  • Numerous employers are telling much of their workforce to work from home through the end of March (I expect that to continue beyond March…). Amazon, Microsoft, Puget Sound Energy (utility), Russell Investments.  Those are four big ones that I am aware of as of now.
  • The Northshore School District just closed through the end of March, and will attempt to begin Remote Learning on Monday, March 9.  What will those working parents do if they cannot work from home?
  • Restaurants are emptying out.  People are trying to be positive but getting nervous.
On the virus from what has been observed worldwide to date:
  • 85-90% who get the virus will experience minor symptoms.
  • 10-15% who get the virus will get hit hard, likely with respiratory-related issues such as Viral Pneumonia.  I sincerely hope you or your loved ones are not in this statistic.
  • The local healthcare system will crack. There will be too many people needing significant care.
  • In Seattle they’re already bought a motel and are talking about mini houses.  I think this is the typical Bravo Sierra approach in Seattle.  Seattle should call it for what it is, and be prepared to commandeer school gyms to setup MASH-like wards.
  • In a perverse way, if you are going to get really sick from this virus then it would be better to be an ‘early adopter’ such that you likely get better medical care.
In general:
  • A person is naive if they think ‘it can’t happen here’.  It’s on this continent and spreading.   It won’t be like a tornado, but watch between now and the end of March.
  • There will be economic impacts.   Airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. may take the first hits.   How might this impact your income and family?
  • There will be supply-chain impacts.  China has been stopped for a while.  Even if things go well on this continent you’ll start to see some unavailability of seemingly-random things.  For example, China produces many ingredients for multiple medicines, so don’t be surprised if things go Tango Uniform for a while for a medicine you or a loved one needs.
Regards,  – Peter


  1. Chris Martensen
    Coronavirus: Why The US Is In Deep Trouble

    Can You Reuse N95 Face Masks During Pandemic Emergencies?? By Dr. Joe Alton

    Dr. John Campbell
    Saturday 7th March

    Leader Of Italy’s Democratic Party Tests Positive For Covid-19, Iranian Lawmaker Dies: Live Updates

    Manila: Coronavirus March 7
    “Day of WuFlu is here”

    Former [UK] Supermarket Boss Warns of Potential Coronavirus “Food Riots,” Army Patrols
    Grocery stores may have to take drastic measures.

    Coustesy of Matt Bracken

    “Mythbusters Contamination [Coronavirus related.]
    [Old episode about spreading germs/virus at a table party. One guy has safe but invisible UV-light-florescent “pseudo secretions” on his nose.]”


    Coronavirus Pandemic Spreading, American Government In Denial
    March 5, 2020
    Matt Bracken guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose the latest news about the coronavirus pandemic.

    SAN FRANCISCO —Military helicopters delivered testing kits Thursday to a cruise ship being held off the coast of California, as officials in Washington faced angry questions about whether the vessel is set to become the latest breeding ground for the deadly novel coronavirus.

    It’s Just the Flu

    Time to Debunk the Skeptics: COVID-19 Has a Death Rate Around 34 Times Higher than the Flu


    New York state’s coronavirus caseload doubled overnight to 22, and New York City’s mayor is imploring the federal government to send more test kits for the new virus.

    Central Bucks County School District has shut the schools down and ordered a deep clean of all facilities.

    Leftists fear that President Trump may cite the #coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to postpone the election and remain in power.

    Dr. Francis Boyle: #Coronavirus Is An Offensive Bioweapon!

    #Vatican is said to be on lockdown at the moment with several priests and senior Vatican officials in quarantine!

    Vice President Mike Pence delivered the latest briefing on the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

    Whatfinger News:

    China trade slumps as coronavirus controls close factories

    US coronavirus cases top 400 as growing number of states declare emergencies

    We Can Thank Trump for the United States Having Such a Low Per Capita Infection Rate of Coronavirus

    Drudge Report News:

    MILAN—The Italian government is locking down 17 million people—more than a quarter of its population—including in Milan, the surrounding Lombardy region and 14 neighboring provinces, in the most sweeping steps any European country has prepared to take against the coronavirus epidemic.

    CPAC attendee tested positive for coronavirus. Trump attended.


    Grand Princess cruise passenger describes hellish quarantine…

    1. Radio Contra Episode 12
      Posted by NC Scout
      Mar 5, 2020
      American Partisan
      Duration – 1:48:58

      “Radio Contra Episode 12: I’m joined by Navy SEAL and best selling author Matt Bracken for a couple of hours, discussing the ongoing issues with Covid -19 and what a societal regression might look like. Other topics covered include sustainable living, leadership among small groups, sanitation, and what would happen in the long term when efforts at internal stability operations fail. Finally, we have a short discussion on his inspiration for writing, how his characters are created, and what sets his novels apart from others in the genre.”

      Could this cost PDJT the 2020 Nov. election???

  2. Effective Sunday morning Italy has just put the entire north of the country(including Milan and Venice) into quarantine, with no one allowed in or out(with rare exceptions). This seemed to work for China and I pray it works for Italy. We should consider that this could happen where we live too.

    1. Ani, do we actually know if ANY actions by the China’s Communist government has helped their people? Perhaps they have caused more harm than good.

      We must be careful what we wish for. We are talking about martial law. I do not believe the U.S. government has any right to implement martial law. Period. You and I have zero right to impede the movement of others. If We-the-People don’t have the right how can We-the-People give government a right that we don’t have?

      I care about Liberty. Has any tool been more destructive of our Liberties than the use of government to protect us from ourselves? Virtually every instance ultimately leads to enforcement with a government gun held to our heads. Martial law is a tools of tyrants.

      1. From Montana Guys’ Post: “We must be careful what we wish for. We are talking about martial law.”

        AGREED. We should be very careful, indeed, about what we believe the solutions will be going forward. We should be prayerful and discerning, and every possibility should be carefully and thoughtfully considered. In addition to the danger we face with the virus today, there will be dangers we face because of the choices we make related to the virus down the road.

      2. Montana Guy, I’m not attacking you but I want to address the sentiment:

        Public health is all about the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. Meaning, it would be bad for my health outcomes personally if I were quarantined on a ship, but if that quarantine kept thousands of others alive, it’s time to suck it up buttercup.

        Situations like this are why we even *have* martial law.

        I understand your concerns about liberty, but you have to know when to adapt to the situation on the ground, at least for a little while.

      3. Hi Montana Guy,

        From the stand point of fighting the virus, that level of containment is necessary. How China accomplished it is another story. And even with that effort, they still have not beaten the virus. In Montana, I can see that many will self isolate. That is why they can here in the first place! Those in the town and cities will not fair as well.

        I am already self isolated. Odds are I may become infected in the end, yet I will remain totally isolated long enough that should there also be a total collapse, I will remain healthy to deal with the onset. If one has the capability to be self sufficient, now it is the time to use it. If I become sick and unable to help others who will be lost, then all might become lost. Unfortunately there is no other person in my circle that is up to it. Attempting to do business in this environment, when there is the option of self quarantine is an unwarranted risk.

        1. Montana guy

          It’s not that I welcome the implementation of martial law. I certainly value freedom and liberty and sure don’t want the “give up your guns and stuff and relocate to this FEMA camp” sort of thing. And yes, I know that far too often, in the guise of “safety”, we have had many of our rights infringed upon such as after 9/11. It is a sticky slope.

          I also do know however that “my right to swing my fist ends at your nose”. So in the best of all worlds, people would act responsibly. Those who feel unwell would self-quarantine. Those back from travel would as well. People would rethink their plans to hop on a cruise or take that trip overseas right now. But sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case.

          In NH a medical resident back from Italy was sick, got tested and told he was presumed to have the virus and to self-isolate. Instead he went to a big party(100-200 people) in VT. He has already passed it on to a work colleague who has gone to church and passed it on there. I shudder to think of how many others will be infected now just from this alone. So it doesn’t seem to me that many(most) people are willing to give up doing what they want to do whenever they want to do it even if it will save lives. That’s a hard one. It may well take restricting people’s rights to enter or leave an area in order to slow down the progression; I don’t know. Obviously the ship quarantine was a very bad idea as it just passed the infection on to so many others. I honestly don’t know what the right thing to do is. We are not China and what can be done in China won’t fly here. It is a serious situation though.

      4. Knowledge is a powerful tool!

        We all learned during Hurricane Katrina about Martial Law, DHS, FEMA, etc.

        I can’t remember if it was just FEMA (pretty sure it’s not), or now includes other alphabet agencies as well, but I am pretty sure FEMA’s primary function/directive is “to insure continuity of Government”.

        Something to always remember. Governments primary duty is first and foremost to insure Government continuance! Some might say at any cost.

        Stay vigilant!

      1. Yeah it’s too bad the hatred for the government and salesman fear mongering and bait clicking posting leads them to post and vocalize things like that because it turns so many away from preparedness.
        Just think without junk like FEMA death camps, UN invasions and other things like that how many more might prepare and not burden the system with panic buying. They are as bad as the media in driving agendas.

  3. Peter,

    Thank you VERY much for your first hand perspective on what is happening in Seattle. We’re not getting clear information from the mainstream media. I’m hoping you will continue to update us with developments there, please.

    I see WA state is shifting from reporting individual infected numbers to focusing on “community based mitigation”. That can only mean the same draconian measures used by China (and lauded in certain circles in the US). A lot of Americans are going to find that unacceptable, but we need good man-on-the-street reporting to even know what’s going on. And that’s where you come in.

    Thanks for speaking up and trying to warn your fellow preppers of the Storm that’s ahead. A lot of people still don’t know what to think of this whole thing. We’re being lied to.

  4. “In a perverse way, if you are going to get really sick from this virus then it would be better to be an ‘early adopter’ such that you likely get better medical care.”

    As I’ve been trying to come up with my own strategy for when to get sick, I think the only thing I have ruled out is becoming an early adopter. But being an early adopter is excellent advice for my dear old dad since he is way more likely to need hospital care.

    Diseases tend to get less deadly as they progress and evolve so that is my only reason for thinking the longer I wait the better. This is a coronavirus, it’s going to be around for a long time and we’re all going to get it eventually. My thinking is, if I’m going to end up with severe flu symptoms, I’d rather be flat on my back when it’s warm in the summertime and I can be laying in my hammock in the shade drinking Tussin and lemonade, and not in the wintertime when I have to build a fire in the wood stove to stay warm, and have the strength to fill the wood box every other day. I will self-isolate as the first wave passes and see what happens to the rest of the population. Maybe I’ll get super lucky and be a symptomless carrier. 🙂 Or maybe I’ll die. 🙁 If I quit posting it was the latter.

    After the first year when this becomes part of the annual flu cycle, we’ll all eventually have to let our guard down and get on with normal life so we’re all going to get this sooner or later. This is a coronavirus and I’m not optimistic they’ll come up with a vaccine since they haven’t for the other 6 that affect humans, but I’m not an expert so I’ll leave it to the big boys.

    1. We really don’t know…but think it’s better to give science time to more fully understand this virus given what appears to be its engineering.

      We also understand the hospital capacity concern based on various projection models across the next several weeks, but have quality of care concerns that follow from what appears to be a seriously unprepared healthcare system (and one that, again, seems to lack the knowledge necessary to tackle this viral beast).

      It’s a terrible situation we find ourselves in… We pray for the safety and health of you and your family, and for all the members of the Survival Blog community.

  5. Peter,
    Thank you for your letter on the Seattle area. It is frustrating to “sort out ” the truth from the hype in most MSM news reports.
    One of my main concerns developing from this FLU scenario is the implementation of martial law in our state .I feel our gov Inslee would relish that situation.
    I feel the medical folks are unable to deal with this thing on a large scale and would be overwhelmed.

    1. Bluesman,

      Your concern about martial law is valid. Seems like some governmental entities like the idea and look for opportunities to “practice” for the big game.

      1. TominAlaska,

        I pray we do not reach the point of martial law. I feel at that point the remainder of our Constitutional rights will be out the window. Interesting times indeed.

        1. This is why the government just passed the Virginia gun laws. They knew this was coming. Of course they did. This is all timed perfectly of course this is going to go after the elderly … Of course we helped China make this. It’s because of the Democrats and their socialist agenda. If there isn’t a bunch of old people draining resources from the countries then the population won’t notice until their agenda is complete.

          It’s really scary I just found this site I wish I had this information earlier.

  6. Controlled Die Off ?

    We’ve been looking at market manipulation for years, and the current prompting up of the markets has been going on for 10+ years.

    The national debt will never be paid off.

    There is a younger generation of Americans being told the elderly are a strain on the economy. And they shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    “Everything is the Republican Party’s fault” if you believe the constant attacks from the Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media.

    Wealthy individuals, and anti-American governments would love to see our Republic fail, and work feverishly throwing wrenches in the works.

    There is speculation regarding where this came from and who might be truly responsible.

    If the United States Government is truly unprepared for a national pandemic event, and if the most severe cases and highest fatalities are going to be seen in the elderly population, has someone decided that the coronavirus should be allowed to run its course in the U.S.?



    When I read the different perspectives and contingencies regarding national defense, I have to wonder if “the greater good” will decide who lives and who dies.
    Good Luck to All

  7. I have just read a report that the cruise ship off the coast of California will be docking Monday and that some of those passengers will be in quarantine at Naval Air Station Miramar. My 22 year old son, USMC is stationed there. I have not heard from him and don’t expect him to be able to answer any of the texts and emails I’ve sent him or my daughter (Stationed at Pendelton) regarding the virus. I’m sure they will be OK, but as a mother of course I worry. Please keep both of my children in your thoughts and prayers
    Thank you everyone

  8. The lack of air traffic is a beautiful thing. Hope it dies out completely, and forever. I am glad the Revolution is nearing. God bless brothers and sisters that will join in.

  9. Just watched an update on the Nursing facility in Seattle, posted about 4 hours ago. At that time there were still eleven patients to be tested, and they are unable to get the remaining health care workers tested. All day today, the officials kept saying that thousands of kits were sent out to the states, yet here is a place that desperately needs those tests. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  10. Unlike Ted Cruz who is voluntarily self-quarantining following exposure to a person positive for COVID-19, these individuals went out into the community knowing that at least one of them was positive for the virus:


    It’s this sort of behavior that will result in the harsher levels of enforcement that may be coming.

  11. Grant County Washington just had it’s first fatality . Thats on the Eastside of the state, he was 80, lived in the small town of Quincy. The wife and I just got back from the Cabin in North Idaho, we took up additional food and preps this weekend in case things go sideways here in Eastern Wa.

  12. When it comes to prepping I always hear about stocking up on toilet paper, sometime it’s serious and sometime people are just joking, so a couple of days ago I heard there was a shortage on TP and I thought here we go again, anywho today when I went to WalMart which is over an hour away, the toilet paper aisle was almost totally empty. Don’t know if there is a buying panic or if the truck just didn’t come in. Trekker Out

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