Letter: SurvivalBlog’s Dotted Quad Backup Address

Greetings, Mr. Editor:
I just tried to log on to your new “backup” dotted quad address: and my Firefox browser reported: “Your connection is not secure.”  Is it safe for me to ignore this message?  Thanks, Michael S.

JWR Replies: Yes, it is perfectly safe to set a permanent security exception for SurvivalBlog’s main site and for our dotted quad direct server address (  Please be sure to jot down this dotted quad address and carry it in your wallet or bugout bag, but please continue to use “survivalblog.com” URL for your bookmark that you use to check SurvivalBlog daily.  (This will help us keep aggregate visit statistics–and those are important for our advertisers to know what our traffic is and thus justify their continued advertising on SurvivalBlog.)