Letter: Spokane Training Company


Recently our preparedness group near Spokane hired Owen Burt, with Stone Shepherd Shooting, for a two-hour defensive tactics fundamentals class. Every person’s comments afterwards were extremely positive, and Owen sent everyone home with information they could put into practice immediately and a lot of new ideas to consider and implement. He is a recent Army Ranger, Green Beret, and military contractor with years of experience in the Middle East. I have seen both of his DD 214s. Best of all, he’s a committed Christian who speaks “prepper” and fully understands the potential for crisis ahead.

He gave our group a Firearm Skills Inventory and based his customized classroom time on the needs he identified. Who else could cover firearm safety (some of the folks in our group are beginners with firearms), malfunction drills, marksmanship basics, home defense tactics (including rings of security, bug outs, rally points, and caching), and finish up with basics of trauma care for gunshot wounds? Our group has had a lot of training over the years, but this was the first time that someone could speak authoritatively to the sensitive issues around using firearms for self and home defense. We’ll be following up with more classroom time and hands-on training with our own firearms in an actual “tactical” setting (versus “range” setting).

Information about Stone Shepherd Shooting can be found on Owen’s fledgling website http://www.stoneshepherdshooting.com/index.html and his new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/stoneshepherdshooting/info?tab=page_info. He offers individual instruction, group classes (a great way to save money!), and will customize his training for any needs. My wife and I hired him for an hour to walk through our property, front to back, to survey our security vulnerabilities, and he gave us a half dozen great ideas that we’ve begun to implement. In all, I’ve spent nearly 11 hours with Owen in the last month or so and have come to trust him implicitly for his ability to fully respect our confidentiality as well as trust that he deeply knows his stuff about firearms, security, and related issues.

If you live in the Spokane region, give Owen a call or email (info on his website) and take advantage of this fantastic prepping resource at a very reasonable price!

Trust God. Be Prepared. The time is now! – ShepherdFarmerGeek