February In Precious Metals, by Steven Cochran of Gainesville Coins

Welcome to SurvivalBlog’s Precious Metals Month in Review, where we take a look at “the month that was” in precious metals. Each month, we cover the price action of gold and silver and examine the “what” and “why” behind those numbers. Gold trended lower during February, after hitting multi-year highs in January, for several reasons. Physical demand from China was lower, after the habitual gold binge in January for the Lunar New Year. The Greek debt crisis tended to swing both gold and the U.S. dollar back and forth, but the warfare in Ukraine seemed to do little for gold …

Scot’s Product Review: Nikon PROSTAFF Target EFR 3-9x 40mm Rifle Scope

If my rifles had feelings, I bet my .22’s and air rifles would feel slighted. They don’t get the expensive accessories that my centerfire ones get, the most important of which are quality optics. I usually have to pinch pennies, and I view the most important firearms in my collection to be the self-defense and hunting ones, so that’s where the money goes. The importance of self-defense does not need to be stated, while hunting puts food on the table and also serves a critical function. I don’t get to hunt as much as I would like, but when I …

Recipe of the Week: Cheddar Chowder, by L.H.

It’s cold outside! So my menu-planning mind marches determinedly toward hearty and warming comfort foods. This soup fits the bill, and it’s one we’ve come to enjoy over the last 25 years as a “meatless Monday” meal. You may want to add cooked ham bits or crumbled bacon to it, but really we haven’t found that the addition of meat enhances it in any significant way. Served with some hearty garlic toast, it’s a pretty wonderful winter meal, as is. Ingredients: 4 Tbsp. butter 1/4 c. finely chopped onion 1 cup chopped green pepper (optional; I have always omitted it, …

Letter Re: Tactical Preparedness

Hugh, I would offer a short story to your readers: Some years ago a friend, who has been preparing for the fecal matter to hit the oscillator for some years, was at the house of another friend, who was his neighbor. He asked her to show him her pantry. She did this, and it contained about three days worth of food. He looked her in the eye and told her that when things really go south, “The first place I am going to go is your house, and I am going to kill you, your children, and any other threat …

Economics and Investing:

Russian Supermarkets Freeze Prices for Inflation-weary Shoppers. – H.L. o o o An interesting document describing the mechanics behind the fiat money creation machine: Modern Money Mechanics. – P.M. o o o US Will Never Gain Oil Market Crown Says IEA Head o o o Exposure To Falling Oil Prices Driving Global Defaults and Slowdown

Odds ‘n Sods:

Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike. – JMC o o o Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling. – P.M. o o o Vandalism in Arizona Shut Down Internet, Cellphone, Telephone Service Across State. – J.G. While the reports suggest vandalism, accessing the cable required the use of power equipment and significant labor. This seems like something more than a bunch of delinquents causing a ruckus. My mind tends to run towards disgruntled employee sabotage or deliberate probing for weakness. – HJL o o o Loretta Lynch’s Secret Prosecutions. – P.M.

Hugh’s Quote of the Day:

“Emma felt frightened, apprehensive, yes, but also elated and excited, her feelings all tumbled and mixed together like a stew of varied ingredients tossed into the same pot. She was aware of the blood coursing through her veins, the beat of her heart, the breath in her lungs. Was aware, too, of that clenched knot that hung in the pit of her stomach. This was what it was to be alive, to be at the edge, facing survival eye to eye, knowing, KNOWING, you would win.” ? Helen Hollick, The Forever Queen