Letter: South Africa – It Begins


Here it is– the test project to seize land without the amendment.

From what I have researched, the reasoning behind this is they are testing the words “Fair and Equitable” which is contained in the seven principles behind the four requirements concerning land seizure in the SA constitution. Their argument is to dispute the words “Fair and equitable” contained within their constitution. Their reasoning is to seize the land without compensation because it is “Fair and Equitable to the SA Government” because, the White farmers stole the land in the first place. Bullocks. I will send an accompanying link detailing the exact wording of the SA constitution concerning land grabs.

This is obviously a calculated test to see the levels of resistance by the Farmers before the current SA government “officially” greenlights their openly discussed plans of mass invasion and genocide upon the Farmers of South Africa.

Danger Close for South African Farmers.

If you have relatives in this area, please relay this information.

The first wave will be mobs. These are “Rent-a-mobs”, sent by the current SA government. These are in fact front-line troops in their invasion.

Speaking To the South African Farmer

As your blood brother and relative, I understand your commitment to the land passed on to you for generations. I understand the blood, sweat, and tears you put into the soil, which you feel is sacred. I understand you love the people of your country.

Most of the people in SA are in a frenzy driven by poverty and crime because of the terrible mismanagement and sheer criminality of its leaders since Apartheid. The majority of the South African peoples see you as the reason for their hardships. They will come in numbers, and then they will come with better tactics and arms. You need to consider a tactical retreat.

Maybe you will lose your land in the short term, though maybe you will find land in a safer place for your children in another land, and you will be appreciated. Maybe one day you will again return to your sacred soil, triumphant.

Either way, get out of there! Do it now, for God’s sake!

God is with you,

From Sheepdog and Family


    1. Wise men know when to hold and when to fold. RUN RUN RUN, while you still can. Even if you leave that shithole SA with only the clothes on your back. You’re still light years ahead.

  1. My prayers are with the SAT farmers.

    Sadly I agree 100% with Sheepdog. At first it was a ‘hill farmers were willing to die on’. But now it appears that the window of survival is ready to be slammed shut. Too many targets. And they will choose the rules of engagement.

  2. The disease of industrialized specialization creates an unending urban “house of cards” in a morally bankrupt society where individual freedoms are eroded by a deluge of “ I deserve it” dependents created and directed by a few Godless god-want-to-be men.
    Check the pulse of your nation as you pull the splinter from the eye of South Africa!

  3. So land seizure will begin. I do pray the farmers get their families to safer locals, and quickly. The question is, how long before the SA government is crying to the UN for food assistance because their population is starving, or they turn on each other? Bets??

    1. DRGreene,
      (with tongue firmly in cheek)
      I’ll take that bet. I’ll bet a 1 oz silver round that SA will be starving within 4 years (scratch that, make it 3 years).
      I say four (three) years, because there is a lot of momentum built up in the land, and food stores, and it will take awhile for everything to run out and grind to a screeching halt due to mismanagement, inexperience, and greed.

      And meantime, I do sincerely pray that the SA farmers heed the political signs as closely as they heed the weather signs, and beat feet a hasty retreat out of the AO (Area of Operations).

  4. So, the land seizures begin… I do pray that the farmers and their families do safely make it to new locals. My question, ‘how long after these ‘fair and equatable’ actions will the SA government be crying to the UN for food assistance for their starving population? Or will they merely turn on each other? I give them one season. Bets??

  5. Well, it’s a personal decision, but if it was me and I had no plans to go anywhere else…

    I’d say “bring it,” and hopefully have a Rawles-recommended 10,000 rounds per rifle.

    Besides, the Boers were outright badasses in long-distance shooting, going back to the Boer War. And, South Africa used to have a really high-speed military, under the old gov’t.

  6. The smell of war is in the air, and I see a lot of gruesome senseless deaths on the horizon. The Bible is right again, God be with the innocent, and curse the aggressor.

    1. Absolutely! Destroy everything, leave nothing standing, let nothing remain fertile. Leave it as you found it, with not one iota of your energy or one flake of your creativity left to the looters. Let them eat ashes.

      “…through all the generations of political extortion, it was not the looting bureaucrats who had taken the blame, but the chained industrialists, not the men who peddled legal flavors, but the men who were forced to buy them; and through all those generations of crusades against corruption, the remedy had always been, not the liberating of the victims, but the granting of wider powers for extortion to the extortionists. The only guilt of the victims, he thought, had been that they accepted it as guilt.”
      — Hank Rearden
      Atlas Shrugged (Part 3, Chapter 5)

      1. They wont need to destroy their own property, etc. They should leave though. __ If this goes forward , and the anti white hordes do acquire the property, they will destroy it themselves . They will, in one season , ruin the whole SA agriculture production, guaranteed.

  7. This is a pitiful situation that has no good ending for anyone. I pray those people who have farmed for generations in SA can find another safe location for their families. No amount of armed resistance can stop what is coming at the hands of evil.

    This is what will happen to USA if the socialist succeed in their political bids.

  8. Ah yes, and according to the supposedly ‘educated’ butt-in-skis Apartheid was SO much worse, just like Saddam and Qadaffi, etc….and the end results speak for themselves- another ‘education’. Unfortunately there will always be those who must learn the hard way about clearly labled minefields.

  9. I have to agree with the get out of dodge philosophy, protect your families. I would disable my equipment by removing parts that are not visible and are hard to replace and burying them , destroy the batteries and generally making the farm inoperable. The mines are next.
    engineer the collapse of the government before you go by destroying their resources. May God and luck be with you.

  10. The government of South Africa couldn’t give two sh**s whether the people will starve or not based upon the results of their law change to allow any black the unapposed ability to kill whites and steal their farm. Even though any reasonable person will understand that exactly this same thing caused all of the starvation and inflation and problem in Zimbabwe.

    The government of South Africa has absolutely no skin in the game. The government people will all be sitting in their million dollar mansions in England, Belgium and Switzerland long before the real trouble arises from all of the productive white farmers leaving, and all of the black people squatting on the farms sitting around waiting for a handout.

    The government of South Afrika is like every government everywhere, in that they only care about what is best for them personally, and abuses power only to make themselves personally wealthy.

    Do you think that Robert Mugabe is concerned how well off the people of Zimbabwe are? Of course not, as he, like every other black politician (including Mandela, and his wife Winnie) in Africa, is only concerned about how much he can steal from the people.

    If anyone thinks that Zud Afrika will stop whatever makes the government employees rich, only because of a better future for the people, then they are very naive.

    Black Afrikan politicians do not concern themselves with this “odd European concept” of the future. They view only today as reality, and view this ability to make quick friends by authorizing blacks to take from whites as a chance to finally make themselves rich.

    After the blacks have torn holes in the roofs of the farmhouse kitchens to let the smoke from their cooking fires out, and after they have torn the doors off of the bedrooms so their goats can enter easier, and after they have pulled up the carpeting in the living rooms so their potje fires quit starting carpet fires, will they then wonder who will come and organize food and water for them.

    Don’t expect this to end well.

    If I were to reccomend that we should authorize any white person the right to take a home from any black or brown person in Europe, because Europe is Traditionally White, I would go to jail for being a crazy racist, but when it is blacks that want the opposite, everyone believes it is simply racial justice being realized.

    Don’t expect this to end well, it won’t.

    Beware Namibia, beware Botswana, you’re next!

    “Korrupsie hat nie brekkie nie!”

    1. Amen Murkan Mike. I personally know of what you speak. I have seen it both here in America as well as on the continent of Africa. (And yes, I said here in America.)

  11. Don’t salt the fields, when you return you want your farm viable. dynamite your wells ( you can re-drill ) disable the farm equipment and burn the structures, you can rebuild after you return. The incompetents that get your land will only grow weeds and rocks, neither are edible so the riots will start soon after you leave. let them reap what they sew so to speak. The same thing has happened every time idiots have decided that productive hard working people are the problem!

    1. Trust me, they will never return. Farmers who left Zimbabwe are still sitting around waiting for someone else to give them their farms back. In most cases, they don’t want it back anyway. A farm in southern Arfika is only valued at what is on it, fence, trees, wells, building ect. Once the fences have been ripped down to sell for scrap metal, the trees cut to cook on, the bore holes collapsed, and the buildings converted to black afrikan standard, who would want to go back and start what took generations of work to accomplish?

      Nobody white will go back and farm again. For what, to build it up only to have it taken away again in a few generations?

    2. vietvet – I agree. No need to salt the fields. Why destroy the land? You want it viable just in case you might return and re-build, no regrets. Also, I kind of worry about the wildlife. There is wildlife in S. Africa that is unique and beautiful, and so very important to this world. While we my not be able to control what those people do with or to that wildlife, we can at least do our part to not destroy any potential habitat.

    1. They are white, the democrats will be against them for just that reason alone. From what I have been following in the limited media from SA, the whites have been treated worse than the blacks ever were during apartheid.i feel that our nation should let the immigrants from SA into our nation and quite possibly even give them refugee status due to the atrocities committed on them.

      1. 0nly if they pledge to apply for citizenship and declare they are staunchly against gun control and ANY form of socialism. 0therwise, they need to take their socialist ideas elsewhere.

  12. Whites have been fleeing SA for years. Many of the younger ones have become crew on yachts, the trade I work in. Some of them are saving to be able to get their families out and settled elsewhere. We ought to let as many as we can into the US. If they can grow food in that enviroment it will be easier for them here. Hard working, thrifty, and religious. We need more immigrants like that.

  13. I disagree with most of the post on this one. Destroying their farms and land goes against everything that they are; it would be like p***ing on the corpse of their father and grandfathers. Besides it is not necessary. Their replacements will be unmotivated and ignorant of what must be done to make the land produce so there is no need to ruin the land permanently.

    If someone gave me the following advice I am not sure I could follow it, but I will offer it regardless. South African farmers, as difficult as it will be, you should make plans to leave now. You are too few to win. Don’t stay to long. Get some wealth out now if possible. File all of the appropriate legal claims and protest that the law and tradition allows. Preserve the record of your work and ownership, of all the things you will lose and the condition they are in when taken. Someday you or your descendants might be able to reclaim what is justly yours, but to do that you all must live. There are examples of property being returned to original owners and later generations from WW II and the Soviet “cold war” so there is always hope. Meanwhile find a place where you can have faith in the future.

  14. An Internet search revealed the SA president, a certain mister Cyrus Ramaphosa, is a multi-millionaire international banker.

    US$550 million and growing. If a half-billion qualifies as ‘multi-millionaire’.


    I think I’m starting to see the inkling of some kind of pattern…

    * * * * *

    What is the long game? In a few years after the stated goals are accomplished, who controls the land, the ports, the shipping, the industry. Ah, but that is still the short game.

    The humans == of any color == are disposable.

    I see evil at work. The bankers and bureaucrats are puppets, the equivalent of clowns on a stage. The entity we think of as ‘evil’ is pulling the strings.

    War feeds it. Hatred feeds it. It craves conflict.

    I choose a different path.

  15. While much has been written regarding the SA farmers situation, little has been written about how this ‘appropriation’ is already extending into the cities such as Johannesburg.
    Homes, owned, yet not currently occupied by either the owners themselves, or anyone renting said units, are coming across occupants who claim that it belongs to them now.
    A small riot broke out weeks ago, in Jo’burg mitigated by this issue. Legal owners gain a little ground to take back what is theirs, then riots occur to ‘give it back’.
    I have family in SA and am not ready to bid SA a fond farewell. Not until I have them back in the states. where it doesn’t look much better all to often.

  16. Lauren Southern released a documentary in June about the issues surrounding this topic. [Titled: Farmlands.] It is very informative and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more, as a part of their due diligence.

  17. The owned, owned, and run, criminal western governments , are responsible. They are decidedly ignoring what is transpiring in SA. The USA criminal military, alone, could put a halt to the planned assault and seizure of “white” owned land in SA, by pulling another invasion . They practice it enough, with their criminal mideast policy.___Get out of SA, all you who are considered “white”. The ignorant moronic hordes, will delight in destroying , all who appear “white”. It will be evil, on earth. Get out now.

  18. This is a difficult question, and one may never know exactly what they would do until faced with the decision, but I do not believe I would run in this situation. I’d not leave the land (both the farm and the nation) of my fathers, tail tucked between my legs to become a refugee in a foreign place. If you won’t fight for your land and your home, exactly what WILL you fight for? I’d muster every coin I could, gather any wealth I had accumulated, liquidate what I must, and send my wife and children out passports in hand. Then I’d disable every single thing I couldn’t sell, salt the fields, lubricator the rifles, load the magazines and wait. I’d have no delusions of victory or greatness, but I’d not let a man walk into my land and take it without very real consequences. I may be leaving this world, but I’m taking some company with me….

    1. Anonymous,
      You have to remember that with the exception of the Boer, who are Dutch descendents, the rest of the white population in Zud Afrika are basically…….. British! Just like the majority of the old Zimbabwean population was. They have been castrated and fed a long line of guilt for being white. 20 years ago an acquaintance of mine from Zimbabwe was telling me about how he was going to go to the “International Court” to get his farm back. I told him he was a fool, he’ll never see any justice, as the “International Court” (whatever that means?) won’t do diddly squat against a black afrikan leader.
      I told him, that now (20 years ago) was the time to organize, and find all of those old Rhodesian army forces, and fight for his property.
      He told me “Thats what wrong with you Yanks, you think fighting and shooting solves eveything. We’re going to go to the international court and do this right!”

      Look what that got him! He still lives in a small apartment in Mannheim, and works for the city driving a trash truck.

      The Zud Afrikans are the same, all British, all pacified, and all afraid to fight for what they believe in.

      Anonymous, you’re wasting your breath trying to get them to arm and defend themselves.

      Besides, the majority of the world thinks that their farms should go to the blacks anyway.

      It won’t end well there, believe me. What you are seeing in the press, isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, it’s worse!

      It won’t end well.

  19. Are these SA farms debt-free? If not, does the new “owner” get to take over the land loans? Does the gov’t plan to pay them off or are the banks going to just deed the land over?

    Just a few of many questions.

    1. Those farms are definately debt free. Most of those farms have been in their families posession for generations, most since before the area was populated with black people. The farms are hundreds of thousands of acres large. Some are measured at a fifty acre to one cow ratio. Hundreds of kilometers of fence.

      The blacks aren’t getting a title, and going down to the local county office to register as the owner. They are being told that taking a farm is ok and they are going in, cutting fences, knocking down doors, raping all the women, killing all the men, women and children, and dragging the bodies away so they don’t smell the place up and start drawing flies.

      Then they start moving into the home, one or two families per room.

      And they stay there until the cattle have been eaten, the diesel runs out and the electricity goes off, the water tank runs dry, and then they dispatch someone to go to the government to complain that they need food and water.

      No banks involved, only government.

  20. THESE are the kind of refugees we need entering the US. I wish there was a way our family could sponsor a fleeing SA farm family.

    To those calling for the farmers to destroy their homes and farmland: NO!! While the gov of SA is evil through and through, there are many innocent South Africans who need the little that the confiscated farms will be able to produce. There are millions of innocent and powerless women and children that are attached to the evil men who run SA.

  21. I noticed that Russia is offering safe haven to the South African farmers. I’m betting land grants will go along with it. Offer the South African farmers safe haven here, I agree. But do not offer land grants. Not until I get my 40 acres and a mule (John Deere, Kubota, Mahindra, all good names for my mule).

  22. One of the most stalwart adherents of our 2nd Amendment and all other liberties, is a former South African citizen, now a US citizen, living right here in Texas, Kim DuToit. Sadly, his wife passed away a while ago, after a long battle with cancer. He still blogs, and he was one of the first freedom bloggers I encountered on the internet. If SA people are like him, I’d like to see a lot more of them here. I met him at the Ft. Worth gun show, about ten years ago.

  23. Imagine yourself in Germany as a Jew in the 30’s. Should I stay or should I go. The answer is obvious in retrospect. Leave, sneak away, run away.

    It is interesting that Obama was in SA recently shaking hands with the genocidal leaders there. Giving constitutional laws classes no doubt.

  24. The majority of American farmers are, I think, in their 60’s. It would make sense to sponsor a South African family, teach them local American farming, and sell them the farm, while holding the mortgage and life estate rights to continue living there if the farmer wishes to.

    1. I disagree. While I sympathize with the plight of the SA farmers I don’t want to import them to America. What would make sense is for the world community to step in and prevent the genocide and bring the politicians and criminals to a trial. The world is full of sad situations and the U.S. cannot afford to take in all the people who need help. We would only end up destroying our country which seems to be the intent of the Democrats/liberals anyway. Don’t make suggestions that will help them in this mission.

      1. Have to agree with you, OneGuy. As Michael Anton said in his 7.2.18 essay in American Greatness, The USA Is Not the Common Property of All Mankind.

        We have what we have because we earned it, created it, sacrificed for it. This is true from the national level right down to the shirt on my back.

        I apologize for not one thing I own, nor will I give the slightest fraction of it to anyone by force. I bear no guilt for the past and beg no one’s pardon for having a better situation than they have.

  25. The only good I can see in all this is the fact that evil will now feel the sting of evil!

    An empty belly and starving children will have a very profound way of righting a wrong, and a strong lesson of not pissing in the well you drink from can never scream louder.

    To the farmers I say, “vacate now while you still can”. Nothing there is worth your, or the lives of loved ones.

    I’m confident that your skills and abilities will be honored and respected somewhere else where racism and a violence does not rule day to day life.

    Texas, Arizona, Florida will welcome you with open arms if the U.S. is a possibility for you.

    Disregard California. Corporate level farming, and Illegal Mexicans have a stronghold there, and I doubt you’d be welcome unless you are a homosexual socialist.

    Good luck,

  26. Dear All,

    Thank-you for your concern; it is much appreciated by us at this difficult time. I’d like to comment briefly on some of the suggestions made above. Concerning running away: many, many whites – especially liberals – have left South Africa over the past 25years; our white population of South Africa should be around about 5.5mil but it is now ~4.7mil; however some of us believe that this land is God-given and that it would be better to stand, fight, and die rather than run away to another liberal western society. Concerning secession: there are currently five secession initiatives on the go but secession is a stupid idea and it will not work for numerous (extremely obvious) reasons Lastly, the world will indeed step in but they will do so in the guise of altruism i.e. it will be a globalist initiative which serves neither blacks nor whites but globalism.
    Yours, Simon Roche

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