Letter: Rocket Stoves and Tiny Pressure Cookers

Dear Mr. Rawles and Mr. Latimer,

I read with interest your recent article on rocket stoves and slow cooking. I would like to note that while rocket stoves do use less fuel, a person can also burn less fuel and save time with a pressure cooker. Many people are totally unaware that there are very small 1.5 liter pressure cookers for sale that use very little fuel to cook a delicious and healthy meal. If you are going to go to the trouble of using an efficient stove, it pays to use efficient cooking vessels. I recently made two YouTube videos your readers might like. I did a review of my 1.5 liter pressure cooker and made a super fast 60-second goulash with it, and I also made a video experimenting with cooking with my tiny pressure cooker using tea light candles and three small bricks on my balcony.

Thanks for fighting. – R.M.