Letter Re: When Alaskan Salmon is Chinese

Hi, Jim:
Every few weeks I buy a couple cases (of 24 cans) of canned wild Alaskan salmon canned by Bumble Bee selling for $1.99 per can (a 14.5oz can), and a quality gold tinted tapered can. Recently it has had a 2015 expiration date. In my estimation, wild salmon is an excellent unadulterated protein source with a lengthy expiration date, especially when compared to canned tuna (with traces of mercury) and canned chicken.   

Well, yesterday I went in to the same discount supermarket (the kind of no-frills market where you bag yourself and pay extra for the bag) and went straight for the salmon.  It was there at the same price but they had changed brands.  So I checked expiration date: 2012.  Yikes.  I looked closely at the can: poor quality, not evenly coated and some apparent rust at edges where can meets lid.  Then the kicker: It was marked both "Wild Alaskan Salmon" and "Product of China"   What the h*ll are the Chinese doing fishing salmon in our waters?  How can this be?  needless to say I left without buying any.  You really need to pay attention to the details, these days. – John E.