Letter Re: Weasel Words in Pending Federal Gun Legislation

Captain Rawles:
I read the text of the draft Toomey-Manchin-Schumer Amendment. It does not define the word “publication.” Because there are several common definitions of the word, including the transitive verb ,”publish” could include just telling two or more people at once that you have a gun for sale. 

Also the “safe travel” provision does not include magazines, so if you are stopped in New York or Connecticut or Maryland with a 30 round mag while driving from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire (for example) then you are a felon.  Also NY SAFE act bans transport of Guns AND Ammo,  the Toomey-Manchin-Schumer Amendment only protects transport Guns OR Ammo, it may seem a small distinction, but as an attorney  I can tell you it does matter.  If under the SAFE act you are stopped traveling through, with an AR-15 and some ammo, both locked in your trunk, you are not protected by McClure-Volkmer. Regards, – W.M.

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