Letter Re: Velcro on Tactical Gear

Hi Hugh!

Concerning your Velcro usage information request, it is possible to snow/ice load Velcro in transitional weather until it functions poorly. Specially, if the loops are a bit “used”, the stuff can end up nearly dead. We end up replacing Velcro on snowmobile suits and other winter gear if it gets like this. Personally, I have a hypothesis that sometimes the stuff gets beat up by the cold/wind/wet combination, as covered areas of Velcro on the same suits/gear seem to hold up longer.

Another issue, and why years ago my unit didn’t allow any Velcro in our deployment gear, is noise. Nothing stands out in the quiet more than the sharp rip of Velcro being opened. A couple years back Velcro introduced a “Quiet Closure Hook and Loop” version that can work where the orientation of the two tabs is pretty constant. This may still give you away if something like a snag opens it “against the grain”.

Keep up the great work! – Steve W.