Letter Re: The Dragon Day Movie

We just received our copy of the movie Dragon Day – a new movie that went direct to DVD.  The premise of the movie is that China comes to the USA to collect their debt, which we have defaulted on.  They take over all of our electronics and throw us back in time technologically 50 years.  Survivors find themselves fending off each other as well as the American traitors who quickly join forces with the Chinese – some in an attempt to just survive due to lack of food and water.

For a small budget film it was excellent.  The acting was fantastic and believable – there are a few goosebumps moments.  The plot was easy to follow and very believable.  The producers & writers spent a great deal of time researching what we all believe will happen within days of a collapse of any kind.

I strongly urge you to consider this movie – right now for your household or as a nice Christmas gift for yourself or a family member (or two).  You will not be disappointed in this movie.  It is much better than the horrible prepper shows you see on television or the Red Dawn remake.  – Georgia Mom

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