Letter Re: TATP

Regarding the Brussels terrorist incident: While I don’t doubt that TATP was used, something is wrong with this! TATP is an “entrophic”; I believe that is the word, a reaction. There was lots of gas but no heat or fire. The Brussels explosions show fires in several areas. Something else must have been used in conjunction with TATP. The question is what and how did “something else” get past the sensors, dogs, et cetera?

As a retired deputy, I still have several law enforcement contacts. Several months ago I was talking with one. He mentioned they were being trained/briefed/educated on a new type of explosive anyone could manufacture at home; it’s a combination of H202 and Acetone. didn’t think much of it at the time, but now it is abundantly clear that there was something afoot. The shoe bomber reportedly used TATP, but there was no particular outcry about it at that time. It makes me wonder about “why now?”

As a former DIA employee told me years ago, nothing in government happens by accident; something about the sudden emergence of TATP makes my hair stand on end. And from what little I know about the manufacture of it, it’s about as safe as lighting a cigarette while making meth! Someone, somewhere, has a hidden agenda where this stuff is concerned and I’ll bet we, the people, will be the “recipients” of their largess in making us safer! – Retired Deputy