Letter Re: Self-Reliance Versus Governmental Reliance Mindsets

Stories like these only help to illustrate the wide range of problems that come to the surface when the thin veneer of society is striped off due to an event like Superstorm Sandy.  The compression of people in high density population centers like metropolitan New York etc, is just asking for chaos and confusion when their normally well organized and managed structure of life is quickly changed for the worse. Our world is now comprised of what is known as the inverted technology pyramid.  When one side is  weakened in can quickly topple over and leave the entire structure out of commission.   This weather event is a wake up call for those nodding in and out between slumber and full consciousness.  If you have not figured it out by now, now is the time to wake up and realize the full potential for the absolute horror that can present itself from a major calamity or event unknown.  Luckily, this is an isolated event in one part of the nation.  What if it were an event that somehow involved our entire nation or hemisphere- then what?

Those who snooze lose!  If you are sitting on the fence about the concept of committing to  personal preparedness, now would be an excellent time to make your decision one way or the other.  If you will study human nature you can see that most of it is completely predictable.  One example is the New York woman who appears on a television report. She is  well dressed in a high rent district demanding that the Mayor visit her part of town.  What pray tell is he supposed to do for her I ask.  Pass a law, spread magic pixie dust around, or pat her on the head like some abused puppy? Our society has for the most part become so completely dependent upon “someone else fixing our problems” that people like this stand the best chance of extinction.  Being prepared and being self-reliant are essential to riding out a crisis and having the best chance to make a complete comeback after the dust has settled, the water retreats and the skies shine clear again.   Don’t wait around for someone else, or an agency or a miracle.  Get motivated to think for yourselves before it is too late. – R.B.S.