Letter Re: Scepter MFC and Water Can Repairs and Parts

Dear Hugh,

I remember reading a post from JWR some number of months ago in which he was asking any of the blog readers who had a spare new Scepter MFC nozzle to contact him. I recently had my Scepter MFC can nozzle hose crack and split. A search of the Internet located this source.

I ordered a few items from this source including a nozzle that supposedly worked on Scepter MFC’s. It did! Upon closer examination, I noticed that this vendor’s MFC nozzle used braided hose and that the hose contained markings indicating its size – 3/4in OD by 1/2in ID. Great! That hose turns out to be PVC braided hose that has many applications including pressurized hydraulics. Much better than the hose used on the Scepter MFC nozzles which use just a clear PVC hose. After a couple of trips to nearby Lowe’s stores (first store was out of stock), I found the 3/4in OD by 1/2in ID PVC braided hose – $1.29/foot. Bought several feet more than I needed – after all, the time to buy is when you see it!

The only thing I thought was a bit “short” in performance on the JAGMTE fuel nozzles was that their hoses are only 12 inches long. 18 inches is a much better and handier length. I repaired my Scepter MFC nozzle using 18 inches of the hose purchased from Lowe’s. The hose purchased from Lowe’s is identical to the hose used on the JAGMTE MFC nozzles except for the date of manufacture stamped on the hose. Fit nice and snugly into my Scepter MFC nozzle base. Now I have a great spare MFC hose. Bottom line: If any of your readers need parts for their Scepter MFC’s and water cans, JAGMTE is a possible source. Don’t forget Lowe’s for the hose! – J.M.