Letter Re: Risky to Live Near a Small Town Airport?

Dear JWR,
I find your blog and its associated advertisers very useful.  In considering buying some land and a small cabin in northern Wisconsin as a back up retreat in case of societal collapse and my question involves its location.  The site can be converted to an off-the-grid living situation easily enough.  It is near the local town so associating with others for mutual assistance is a very good possibility. But it is also near the local rural airport and I’m wondering if in your opinion this increases the possibility of interference by others and by how much?  Perhaps you can comment. I’m weighing the pros and cons of these circumstances. Thank you. Tom H.

JWR Replies: In my estimation living near small local airport is not a risk, unless your property is truly contiguous to the airport’s perimeter fence. If that is the case, that could put you in contact with Federal authorities.

Unlike railroad tracks–which create a likely line of drift for looters and refugees–in the event of TEOTWAWKI I anticipate that airports will only attract a few folks looking to pilfer fuel or to steal tools.  And once it is clear that there is no longer anything of immediate value there will be few who come to a small airport. Perhaps just a few folks looking for scrap metal.

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