Letter Re: Recommendation for eReaderIQ

I’d like to share a great resource with your readers: www.eReaderIQ.com. The site does two things: first, it tracks the price of ebooks on Amazon so if folks have a book list they want to purchase they can add that list and purchase them when they go on sale. The second advantage (and this is what I primarily use it for) is that it tracks all of the ebooks that have gone from a paid price to free. I check it every morning and normally pick up about fifteen books a week. Many of these I’ll get ten pages in and discover that the book isn’t worth reading and delete it, but all of that is worth it when I pick up 2-3 absolute jewels per week, for free.

You can apply a number of filters to it; in the scenario above I normally put in a filter to only see books that have gone free in the past 24 hours, then exclude all of the genres I’m uninterested in (e.g., romance, horror, science fiction, etc). Just now I searched for medical ebooks that were free and found 106, including a number on trauma medicine.

These books will be “purchased” (for the high price of $0.00) by your readers from Amazon.com and will be delivered to their Kindle book store. Don’t have a Kindle? No worries; I don’t either. You can download a Kindle app on your tablet or smart phone, or computer.

Store up a library of free books. Sometimes, you will get what you paid for it; in those cases, you not even have to feel bad about wasting paper – you’re throwing away nothing. But when you get those jewels it will all be worth it.

All the best, – Josh