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Dear James and Hugh,
I was just reading the article mentioned on June 18th in SurvivalBlog regarding BHO’s refusal to mention ‘radical Islam’.  There are very few things that I agree with regarding the BHO’s thought process, but I tend to agree that our problem is not with ‘radical Islam’. As Scott Ott suggests, a better term would be ‘Literal Islam’. These people wreaking terror all over the world are taking their book of faith seriously or ‘literally’. Such a shame that more of us that claim to be followers of Christ don’t take His book as seriously. If we did from the foundation of this country by our Founding Fathers, we would have no problem with our government as people like the BHO could never be placed in that position.

‘We’ as a nation elected and then re-elected Barack Hussein Obama (BHO), even though he stated “we are not a Christian nation”, much to our shame. We are now reaping the reward for falling away from Christ. I am expecting that we as a nation will elect ‘The B*tch’ (I am being as polite as I can be) as our next president, at which point [the key elements of] JWR’s novels will come to fruition. It amazes me how blind most of us are. – MtH

JWR Replies:
The most fundamental issue that needs to be addressed is that western societies have been in denial that Islam is both a religion and a monolithic political system that is surely bent on world domination. Unless or until we come to grips with the fact that Islam itself is the Arabic word for “submission”, and that the phrase “radical Islam” is redundant, then we are doomed. Islam is fundamentally antithetical to western ideals and there can be no placating the Islamists in finding “common ground.” The nascent Global Islamic Caliphate simply and devilishly wants the whole enchilada and will settle for nothing less. I recommend that SurvivalBlog readers take a half hour to listen to the recent podcast interview of Ann Barnhart. This fascinating interview is a real eye-opener.

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2 Responses to Letter Re: Radical Islam

  1. Michelle from Canada says:

    Dear James,
    I don’t know if you actually read these posted letters.

    Anyway, I am currently working on this topic and I will e-mail it to you when I am satisfied with my text. But here is a brief message.

    Islam is a religion and a political system. The Quran is their legal system. It is the law for the Muslim. Yes, they have a project of domination. I believe we must be very graphic when explaining this to the public, in order to be understood. Westerners have had a life in cotton ball, if you see what I mean. They don’t know the world. They are not to be blamed, because they are not informed in the education given to them. Knowledge comes from somewhere, and it has to reach the people.

    Yes, there is a risk of great problems with Islam. There are two sides of Islam. The more peaceful religious aspect which was transmitted when the prophet was in Mecca. The Jihadist style , when the prophet went to Medina.
    There is no moderate Islam. When they are in great numbers and they have the means to wage war, they do. In past history, Mohammed and his followers spread Islam very rapidly. They killed the men, and used the women as sex toys. They enslaved women and children. They are doing it right now as we speak in Iraq, and Syria. They gang rape the women , specially yazidi Christian women and they sell them. Some are killed. . Right now as we speak, Yazidi Christian women are on the auction block. Want to buy, James? Not sure about it yet? (Yes, I am teasing you big time) Slavery is very much alive in the middle east.

    Western politician are bringing in people from this background in the west true immigration. If you bring in one thousand of them, you won’t have a big problem. Bring them in with open door policy like in Europe right now, violence will follow. To avoid the violence in your country, you don’t allow them in. It is that simple.

    If you don’t know what to do with the jihadists, they on the other end, do know what to do with you.

    We have leaders and people in key positions who do not have the wisdom, their political position requires. The bible said: ” I will give you children for leaders”. Do you remember this one James? Well it is going on right now. These people for various reasons are incapable to make the right decision.. They will drag their country true muddy terrains of history to eventually come to reality. They don’t care because they believe they will not suffer the consequences, they believe they are immune to it, somehow.

    The people do the fighting and dying in wars. They pay all of the taxes and loose their property true taxation and inflation which are method of wealth confiscation. And that’s the game!

    The west has lost common sense. Remember common sense? How useful it can be. It has to come back to America.

    I will write more about this and send you a good ten pages on a it, James.

    • Hugh James Latimer says:

      We actually do read all of the comments, though we don’t always respond. Looking forward to your article

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