Letter Re: Pat Cascio’s Product Review: Kahr Arms CM40


I just want to thank Pat for his reviews especially on the small conceal carry type of pistols. Unfortunately, the review on the Kahr Arms CM40 came a little late for me personally. About a month ago I went to a gun show specifically looking for a small frame 9mm for conceal carry purposes. I had researched several specific brands in a low price range, such as the Taurus PT111, and the Taurus PT-709, the Kel-Tec PF9, and the Ruger LC9. I even read Pat’s LC9 review that he posted here some time ago. My thought was to get something in the $200 range that is small enough to conceal but powerful enough to protect me if needed. I did not want a .380, and I felt a .40 was too much in an overly stressful situation. I decided on the Ruger LC9 for more than one reason. First off with the comparisons between these guns it seemed the LC9 was the better choice. Secondly, I am partial to Rugers, and this would make the 6th Ruger pistol added to my collection. While I do own other brands, I am partial to Rugers, as I know them and trust them. Another reason for liking the LC9 over the others is that all the square edges on the LC9 have a rounded effect for ease with getting it in or out of concealment. Also I liked how thin the LC9 was compared to some of the other pistols I looked at. I happened to find one at a gun show listed for $250. That was the best price on any I had seen that day. However, what was sitting on the table next to it was a Kahr CM9 also for $250. It was a great deal on either gun, but I was looking for the LC9, and that is what I went with. I didn’t know much about the Kahr at the time, and now I wish I had. Also, I was looking for something in particular for my concealed carry that I did not get in the LC9. I wanted a striker fired weapon with no safety to fumble with. The LC9 I picked up is an older model that is a Double Action Only (DAO) hammer fired gun. Because it is not the LC9s (S for Striker), the trigger pull is heavier and longer than the newer LC9s. Also I imagine the Kahr CM9, which is a striker gun, has a lighter, smoother, and shorter trigger pull. Unfortunately, I did not know this at that time. While the Kahr is a little thicker and blockier than the LC9, I’d live with these features for a lighter smoother trigger pull. I showed the LC9 to my sister, and she fell in love with it and has asked me to get her one just like it for concealed carry. I may just giver her the gun and go on the hunt for a Karh CM9. As always thanks for the reviews.