Letter Re: Pat Cascio’s Product Review: AR-7 Rifle


My main criticism of the AR 7 is with a little work they could have made room for a box of 22 ammo in the stock. It’d have been much better then relying on carrying separate ammo and hoping they stay together.

I have some time flying in the bush in Alaska. Sentiment seems to be that if you crash and can get out of the plane it may well burn, and you better have all your critical stuff on you or real close. I carry a handgun, 44 magnum, and a small butt pack when I fly. It’s all on me. If I get out, it gets out. The 44 is loaded, and I have two speed loaders– one with shot shells. The butt pack has lighters, flashlights, compress bandage, two heat sheets, mirror, compass, and string, and a few other things I can’t remember. – H.L.