Letter Re: One Year Food Supply at COSTCO

What is you opinion of the “30,144 Total Servings 4-people 1-year Emergency Food Kit” now at the COSTCO website? Are the shelf lifes realistic? (Are they really long term storage kinds of foods?) What can you tell me about the company that makes them? Are they legit? Is this price realistic? I appreciate your sage counsel. Thanks, -Walt G.

JWR Replies: The THRIVE brand foods are packaged by Shelf Reliance, a very reputable company that has been a SurvivalBlog advertiser for many years. Unlike many of their competitors, they do their nitrogen packing under controlled conditions. (Tests have shown that some companies have packed their foods in #10 cans so sloppily that the oxygen and nitrogen levels were little different that normal atmospheric levels, yet they had the temerity to call their products “nitrogen packed.”) In contrast, THRIVE foods, are packaged correctly, so you will get the longest possible shelf life.

BTW, I discuss some options for storage food stocking with other inventory (bulk foods) at Big Box stores such as COSTCO in the Rawles Gets You Ready Preparedness Course. Now available only by digital download, the course is now advantageously priced under $20.