Letter Re: NRA’s Commercial


I am a pastor in eastern Washington. I spent most of the early evening calling every Christian I know to relate an urgent e-mail request I received for prayer originating from northern Iraq, where a team of volunteers were reporting the taking of their city by ISIS. They were witnessing the systematic beheading of children and known Christians. They were asking for God’s help and strength not to run. After exhausting my address book and spending time on my face, I felt that I should go to SurvivalBlog, as I have done daily for some time. When I saw the commercial featuring Navy Seal Don Raso, his message echoed what I have been feeling for some time. The disintegration of hope and the loss of confidence in our leadership can be heard in the grocery store checkout line, gas station, at the water cooler, and at the dinner tables across America. Something precious seems to be slipping away. We must band together to strengthen what remains of our foundations. It’s time to take a stand! – SVM