Letter Re: New Legislation Signed in California by the Governator

After the [Ammunition] Micro Stamping bill signed by Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and the lead ammo ban also signed last weekend, a lot of firearms owners in California were somewhat angered by our “Terminator” Governor.
But this bill (AB 1645) [commonly] called “The Katrina Bill” that would if I read it correctly keep law enforcement officers from taking the firearms and ammo of citizens that posses them legally, in the event of a disaster like Katrina. This might be of interest to those in California that are preparing for WTSHTF or TEOTWAWKI. Take Care. – MGB

JWR Replies: That issue was already settled by Federal legislation (HR 5441), so it is essentially redundant. And one piece of good legislation does not make up for four bad ones: In addition to the cartridge case micro-stamping law and the lead hunting ammunition ban (enacted ostensibly to protect California Condors) The Governator also recently signed two landmark pieces of pro-homosexual legislation. As reported by WorldNetDaily, one of these new laws will allow cross-dressing or gender-confused school children to use whichever restroom or gym locker room they prefer on any given day. (The “Boys Room” and “Girls Room ” signs no longer have any meaning at California schools!) Shame on Arnie for cozying up to the liberal Democrats on so many issues. I suspect that a little too much of his wife (who was the offspring of the Hyannis Port, Massachusetts Kennedy Clan) has rubbed off.