Letter Re: MURS Radios and Microphone Connections

Your MURS supplier [MURS Radios] has an excellent product. Regarding inconspicuous microphones and earpieces: We’ve been using this gentleman’s products for the last 5 or 6 years and been very well pleased. About halfway down the page is the Stealth 3-Wire Surveillance Kit, which is what I use. About the only thing I’ve found that I like better is the combination earpiece mike where you talk thru your ear but it definitely has problems in high noise environment and we had trouble with them in helicopters. Every time you open your mouth, the rotor/engine/wind noise overrides your voice. Darned hard to be intelligible talking with your lips clinched. Ha! That’s why we standardized on the Custom Earpiece Stealth unit. I’ve found that the standard earpiece which is supplied is comfortable under both earmuffs and helmets.Just a nice working unit at the range, airborne, or in a crowd and they usually have adapters for most any radio.

On another note: Botach Tactical has a special on for the MB -Microtec H3 Military Traser Watches for $99.95 with free shipping. A good, non-magnetic watch with tritium and at that price it’s a throwaway Regards, – The Army Aviator

JWR Replies:
SurvivalBlog readers are forewarned that Botach Tactical has a mixed reputation for order fulfillment reliability and customer service. I have heard from three different individuals that Botach has been known to advertise items that they don’t actually have in stock, taking funds from customers, and then declaring them “back orders”–sometimes for months–while they await shipments from suppliers. If you place an order with Botach, I would recommend that you call first to confirm that the particular product(s) that you wish to order are actually physically in stock. I also recommend that you pay via credit card so that you will have some recourse in the event that your order is not completed.