Letter Re: Mayors Feel Misled


Just wanted to say “Thank You” for your commentary on Michael Bloomberg’s MAIG in your Odds ‘n Sods column today, May 14, 2014.

I LOVE IT when people speak frankly about our current gun control dilemma. (Not to mention our other constitutional issues…)

It is refreshing to read someone who does not mince words. We are subjected to entirely too much political correctness– the “I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or offend anyone” mentality in our country. I have become weary of it and at this point, it is imperative that we “tell it like it is”. It is a necessity.

I must comment that I too feel particularly contemptuous when I hear Hollywood actors speak with great authority regarding gun control and politics. They are perhaps the worst of them all with respect to elitism. They are out of touch and often uneducated actors and have no vested interest in what is best for our country, as they can and do insulate themselves from the reality of the everyday life of everyday people.

This is simply my opinion, but I believe that it is time we all speak up about our beliefs. The spiritually, morally, and ethically bankrupt politicians and their sheeple certainly do. And they do so without reserve. Personally, I can no longer sit by and watch our country go down like a sinking ship while our children and subsequently, our children’s children go with it. It is not only our obligation but our duty as Americans and as Patriots to speak up, express ourselves, and educate everyone possible with respect to our rights, the wisdom of our forefathers, and how those very rights might be infringed.

So, thank you again, and please keep the blog going. I read it every day and pass on as much information as I can in order to educate those that are asleep at the wheel. Sincerely – “Plain” Jane Prepper