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Mayors Feel Misled, Quitting Bloomberg’s Gun-Control Group

Comment From JWR: I hate to sound so endlessly perturbed about millionaire former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s flawed political plaything called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, but the whole concept of his cabal really grates me. Granted, mayors are entitled to hold personal opinions, but that is not what they are elected to do. They are public servants hired to administrate legislation and rulings from city councils, who represent the will of their masters, the voters. They are NOT legislators. They are paid administrators elected to do our bidding. They are not tasked with envisioning legislation, not debating it, not drafting it, nor molding it, and certainly not enacting it. There is another branch of government specifically chartered to do that.

There are about 70,000 mayors in the United States, but only around 1,000 mayor members of Mike Bloomberg’s agitprop club. So to have 1/70th of America’s mayors who mostly represent urban crime dens speak as if they represent all American cities is absurd on its face. It is the other 69 out of 70 cities where crime is much lower, where streets are much safer, and where the citizenry is much better armed that are a more representative sample. They whine about crime statistics (blaming inanimate objects instead of the people who misuse them), and fail to recognize the simple fact that the majority of violent crime in America consists of repeat offender unlicensed street pharmacists Getting Medieval on competing repeat offender unlicensed street pharmacists. (If those statistics were removed, our crime statistics would be even lower than in the alleged utopias of Denmark and Sweden.) So spare us your agenda-pushing rhetoric, shut up, and do your administrative jobs! Ditto for America’s loud-mouthed big city Chiefs of Police.

For statist-leftist urban center mayors to speak as if they represent Mainstream (or Mainstreet) America is a lot like hearing millionaire Hollywood actors speak as if they represent the Average Working Man.

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