Letter Re: Maintaining Your Household in the Post-SHTF World- Part 2


This was an excellent article from S.T. Sanitation and cleanliness will become a major concern post SHTF. In his writings, JWR has commented on the advantage of having spring water on your property, and we can attest to that. Here’s how it works for us.

Our spring is located up at the head of our holler up behind the house. It is piped into to a 500 gallon holding tank and that is piped down to the house. From there it feeds into a wood-fired water stove (hot water and baseboard heat) as well as all the faucets and toilets. As long as your spring is higher than the roof of your house, it will give you enough water pressure. Our spring flows 500 gallons a day, and you only need 50 gallon per day maximum per adult. So anybody considering land for a survival retreat might want to put a spring at the top of your list. In our part of Appalachia, homes have been running on “mountain water” for generations. Good luck to all – HWS