Letter Re: Long Distance Vision and Night Vision

Dear Sirs,

I really enjoy reading your blog, but I have a question to ask you. I am blind in my right eye and I am having trouble trying to find a long distant vision and night vision for a one-eyed person. Do you have any suggestions? – R.H.

HJL’s Comment: The PVS-14, carried by several of our advertisers, is an excellent choice for night vision. It is a monocle and is used on only one eye. It is commonly worn on the dominate eye, allowing the non-dominate eye to be used for peripheral vision. Without the use of your second eye, you will not have this peripheral vision, so you will need to plan accordingly. Ready Made Resources and JRH Enterprises currently have great prices on them.

You can still use regular binoculars for long vision, but you may want to look into a regular monocular type for that as well, or you can go full nautical with a hand-held telescope. My personal favorite is an antique brass telescope that belonged to my grandfather. It is not very resistant to abuse though.