Letter Re: Illusive Self Sufficiency


Mrs RLB ends her letter with a profound observation: “I am one of those who has worked on a Sunday trying to get some task done, only to be tired all week”.

When I was much younger, I was starting out with a partner in a very small architectural mill work endeavor. We had landed a contract for casework in a school that had to be installed by September first. We were running hard, seven days a week, 10 hours plus.

I no longer recall all the precise details. I do recall being, by the second week of this regime in spite of sleep, very very tired and that we then suffered a series of mishaps as a result, the last of which nearly resulted in the loss of important anatomy.

Neither of us were believers at that time. Nevertheless, we vowed that in the future, no matter what the pressure happen to be, one day off in seven was mandatory.

It was some years before I fully appreciated that God was there ahead of me. And in this matter, as in all others, His advice is always the best available. Of course it is up to me to read and heed.