Letter Re: Hobbit Houses


I looked at these houses you can bury. We found a few areas of concern. They are joined together in such a way that we were concerned about leakage. Also, you can only bury in about 6″ to 8″ of dirt, which doesn’t give much protection.

We are planning to get InterShelter Domes. They come in 14′ diameter or 20′ diameter, and domes can be attached to each other to make bigger dwellings. InterShelter Domes withstand hurricane force winds, earthquakes, and require no maintenance.

InterShelter Domes are made of aerospace fiberglass, and you would have to hold a blow torch in one spot for some time to get it to melt.

With the insulation package, the AT&T Dome in the Arctic has daily sustained winds of 225 mph and minus 40 degrees temperature. The inside stays a comfortable 72 degrees using only a space heater. In over ten years of use, it has required no maintenance.

A dome can be put up by two people in four hours, using only a screwdriver, wrench, and ladder. The dome can be hauled to your site in the back of a pickup or on a small trailer.

Domes come in several colors to blend in with your environment OR the dome can be covered with cob made from local dirt to make it almost invisible.

InterShelter Domes are considerably less expensive than Hobbit Houses. The 14′ dome is $7,500 and the 20′ dome is $12,500. By using the code MOGL, you can get $1,000 off your dome!!!!

The domes can be put on a concrete pad, deck, or even the dirt. There is also an optional flooring system.

Here is a link to see what they look like http://mountainviewoffgridliving.com/InterShelter-Domes.php

If you install the Kimberly Stove, Sun-Mar Composting Toilet, and Propur Water Purification System, you have the ULTIMATE retreat. – S.W.