Letter Re: Ham Radio Standardization for SurvivalBloggers?

Good Day James,
I’m a long time fan of your books and your blog thanks for all that you do. There is some great information there. I am interested in finding out if your [local] group or another group has established any ham radio frequencies that may serve as a beacon of information in a SHTF situation or are you totally off the grid when that time comes. I do have your IP written down, but was just curious… Regards, J.M., USMC

JWR Replies: The folks at Radio Free Redoubt are already doing a fine job of coordinating communications with their AmRRON Communications Nets. Their fine efforts have even included crypto, via one time pad generating software. To clarify: Radio Free Redoubt is a separate entity that is loosely affiliated with SurvivalBlog and it is the voice of the American Redoubt Movement. Both Radio Free Redoubt and their AmRRON Communications Nets have my support and approval, but I must remind folks to be sure to maintain vigilant OPSEC and COMSEC!

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