Letter Re: Free Heirloom Seeds

Dear Mr. Rawles,
First again thanks and kudos for your interesting and illuminating blog. I would like to remind you and your readers about a web site that SurvivalBlog has mentioned before concerning seeds.

I checked the web site Wintersown.org and I sent them a [self-addressed] envelope with two ounces postage (by the way, they mention using two 44 cent stamps, but you only need one 44 cent stamp and one 23 cent stamp for the additional ounce). So, for about a dollar (including the stamp to send the [self-addressed] letter to them) here is what they sent to me:

  • Wildflower blend for full sun
  • Blue flax
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Celery sedano da taglio
  • Evening primrose
  • Rocket larkspur
  • Blackberry lily
  • Oxheart tomato
  • Rapa da broccoletti
  • Feverfew

Now I understand most of these are flowers but where are you supposed to buy your sweetheart flowers after TEOTWAWKI? [JWR Adds: Just keep those seeds away from your livestock pastures. Many flowers are poisonous to sheep, goats, and cattle.]

Most importantly, they have a seed exchange so that like-minded individuals can share and exchange seeds.

I have found other Internet sites where people will exchange seeds just for the asking and there are also local clubs. I am looking forward to getting a variety of heirloom tomato grown here in Pittsburgh for generations. Local seed exchanges are the most valuable because you know that the seeds are going to do well in this climate.

So thanks again and God Bless You. – Mr. Bennington in Pittsburgh