Letter Re: Family Preparedness: How to Protect Your Infant Child

Good morning Mr. Rawles,
In regards to the “Family Preparedness: How to Protect Your Infant Child“, I just wanted to comment that wool diaper covers need to be washed less often, do not smell at all and two is all you need. Plus, they are just more comfortable for infants than plastic, no matter how cute or functional. They also breathe better and keep baby warm even when wet, which is important if you are changing less often than usual.

Mother-Ease diapers are handy – no folding, no velcro, and they are one-size fits all. You can also buy doublers that make it good for a night time diaper.

Rice paper diaper liners are excellent for just pulling away waste from the diapers and then you can throw that away, hopefully reducing waste removal on your diaper itself – less washing.

Slings are more useful than carriers, even for larger children. They can be used as ground cloths, blankets, handkerchiefs, sun shades etc, which a carrier just cannot do. See the Maya Wrap.

Thanks! – Kerry