Letter Re: Amish Populations Bugging Out

Regarding this recently posted link: Amish populations bugging out, gradually heading west, Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon have been under “invasion” for a number of years, mainly by Amish Mennonites – an offshoot of the Old Order Amish. Unlike the other invaders from California and other urban high populations who bring with them all their problems, attitudes and sometimes rudeness, these are good quality people who bring with them many fine qualities, morals and values. They are respectful and genuine. Most are skilled carpenters or have similar “hands-on” skills. While they tend to keep to themselves as far as their socializing. They are easy to work with and seem to be kind and good willed. In short if your community is “invaded” by these or other Amish consider yourself very lucky to have them come to your area! – RBS