Letter Re: Details Emerging on the Outlaw Maine Hermit

Hey Jim,
This guy lived within 30 miles from me for 27 years. An interesting story to be sure. I’d like to bail him out just for the chance to talk but for $5,000 it would be too expensive. This is not wilderness. It is a 30 minute walk from Pine Tree Camp – I have been there a few times. My buddy in high school worked there as a cook.

Here is some news coverage about him, from another source.

Keep up the good work. – Bubby

JWR Replies: After you wrote me to mention this, I found an article that has much greater detail about his camp. And here is one more article.

Reading these accounts, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Idaho’s “Wild Man” or “Ridgerunner,” Bill Moreland, who has been previously mentioned in SurvivalBlog. He wasn’t on the lam nearly so long (only 11 years), but he was notable for walking tremendous distances, even in the dead of winter. He is also notable for killing 24 deer with just 24 cartridges (.22 Long Rifle rimfire!)